Hello world!

January 15, 2010 at 9:50 pm (Uncategorized)

This is an experiment. This is, in fact, an experiment about a whole bunch of experiments, many of which show little resemblance to anything that would be termed the scientific method. Because it’s my life, that’s why.

At any rate, I decided that it was time and past time to start keeping track of life changes, ideas, inspirations, and attempts to create the life I want, with full acknowledgement that the definition for ‘life I want’ is a work in progress in its own right.

I am 30, just shy of 3 years into a relationship with someone who has a knack for encouraging me in my more creative home endeavors, and find myself looking forward to (and, amazingly enough, working toward, in my own self-admittedly lazy way) a life that centers around sustainability, comfort, joy, and creativity.

To that end, here is where I hope to keep track of my successes in the kitchen, my failures in the garden – and even occasionally the other way ’round – as well as the steps I/we take to create a more sustainable life, both personally and globally.


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