Haven’t given up yet

March 4, 2011 at 9:56 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

No, really, I promise I haven’t given up. I could rattle of any number of excuses, but what it really comes down to is not working to find the time reliably, and getting caught in that “but that’s not important enough to write about when it’s been so long!” trap. Silly, but at least I know from other people that it’s pretty common. Then again, maybe that makes it even more silly, that we all get caught by that.

So, what have we been up to? Work, mostly. My partner is still unemployed, so I’m working my tail off to keep us afloat until such time as that changes. A couple of major clients of mine have been unable to keep hiring me, so that’s just made it more exciting. There have been health problems with both of my parents, and I’ve taken on more care there, which eats time as well. But this isn’t anything other people don’t deal with, and with sizeably more grace than I manage.

That aside, what about our plans for sustainability, local food, self-sufficiency, and other idealistic things? Coming along, actually. August, as I mentioned at some point, was terribly productive in the canning realm, and the majority of that produce was from local farmer’s markets. A local grass-fed beeve was purchased by a group of friends, with our house being the delivery and distribution point. Since we discovered the freezer at the rental house was kerblooey, we scrambled, found another one, and Martha is serving us well – she’s 35, at least, and insists on running around -20F. Overachiever. But it means our frozen supplies last very well.
On a side note? Those cheap ‘painters gloves’ you can find in the checkout aisles at hardware stores make great freezer gloves. They’ve saved me from frozen fingers and dropped dishes on the stairs many a time. Very worth the 3 bucks.

Current plans in the works include finally adding garden beds here – I tried last fall, but ran into trouble with the compost supply. More on that later. My partner is building me a grow light, and I’ve got a nice selection of seeds ready and waiting for a bed or a starting tray. Am hopeful.

Full garden plans I’ll try to elaborate on soon, once I get them worked out on paper. And I think I’ll go do that right now.


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