April 23, 2011 at 9:21 am (Uncategorized) (, , )

As I’ve mentioned, I live in a rental. While it’s a pretty laid-back neighborhood, and we have plenty of yard space, I wasn’t too sure how popular my throwing a slow compost pile in the back would be (though there is evidence that it’s been done before, just not lately – there are triple wire bins at the very back edge of the property). My mother, bless her, also wasn’t too keen on the idea of my attempting to turn compost piles, given my back injuries.

So, a few weeks of sporadic research and hair-pulling later, my new composter arrived yesterday. I finally went with the Earthmaker, after digging through piles of conflicting or outright negative reviews on every tumbling variety I could find (a tumbler was my first choice, but obviously I gave up on that for now), seeing some tolerable and positive reviews on this one, and finding that it was in use by a friend of mine across town, with fairly good results.

We’re in the middle of days of intermittent thunderstorms here, so the oversized box is still sitting in the living room. I’m hoping to assemble today, but it’s so wet outside that I’m not sure I can safely place it anywhere. I’ll be babbling more once it’s together and started up, and I get a feel for how difficult or not it is to operate.


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